Triple Valley Girl Stage 1

I’ll go ahead and tell ya, I was one more hacking cough away from pulling the pin on the stage race.  I was pretty much up all nighton Friday.  Looking back, chef boy am I glad I stuck it out.  Anyway, the first stage was 80 miles out and back.  Pretty boring because you can see a break at like 6 minutes, so nothing was too likely to stay away.  Since I felt like crap, I sat in the entire time.  Those who know me know that this is not my way.  I was bored and peed like 3X.  Two fellers were away for a long time and I will give it up they are tuff.  Chrispy from Porcupine and some Rio Grande dude.  People started calling on our team to chase with like 70 miles to go with these two guys at like a minute and a half, and I was like “why, they are right there?”.  In any case, I had nothing to chase with.  It came to a field sprint, and I just kinda surfed the front.  Dave “Heavy D” Hardwood took out the sprint, with Bryson from American Radness in 2nd, and then me.  I was pretty much down with that as I didn’t think I’d bother sprinting until around 5k to go.

Big ups to the Sleevie for coming out in support.  Love that guy.


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