Triple Valley Girl Stage 3

A tough little 5 mile circuit that we did 8 times.  Half up hill and half down, but not too steep.  I made the break around half way through, but pretty much chilled as it was a dozen guys and I figured some had to be ahead of me on G.C.  3 guys from Porcupine in a group of about 12, so it was pretty much up to them to make it happen.

Ira came across and went straight to the front to drill it.  I had to yell at him as he was only 10th G.C. and I figured there were probably still some guys ahead of him.  So we chilled.

Sammy Krieg came across alone, and hey, that’s the race!!  Not sure how he did it, but I am glad he did.

Came to a group sprint.  I started to come around Ski Utah guy (Patrick?) who just upgraded.  Then, he hit the 11.  Ok, not a chance there, so I settled back into the draft and come across 2nd. 

So, we won a stage and were 2nd and 3rd in the others and won the G.C.  Literally as I was typing this Sam sent me an email saying I was 3rd G.C., because of time boners, but that doesn’t seem possible.  Either way, I am glad I decided to show up!!  A super sweet weekend for Park City Jeep Cycling!

On a personal note, I hope that when I get back to full health I can start converting some of these near misses.  There is something to be said for consistency, but…  In any case, I am not complaining.  If you told me we (and particularly I)  would end up doing so well on Friday, I would not have bought your story.

I didn’t stay for the awards as I needed to see my kids (and wife) at some point the weekend!  It was a beautiful and relaxing Sunday afternoon from that point forward.

EDIT: It’s true.  I was 3rd on G.C.  Didn’t see that coming.

Final Park City Jeep Results

1st- G.C.

1st- Stage Two

2nd- Stage Three

3rd- G.C.

3rd- Stage One

Not bad!!

7 thoughts on “Triple Valley Girl Stage 3

  1. I will try… I am hitting the road tomorrow sans laptop, but I bet I can borrow one.
    You’re right. He is fast. Please ask him to slow down.
    Glad to see that your mind is still working…

  2. I’m guessing this is one of the few times you’re proud of 30 second ‘boners’ hehehehe

    Congrats on a solid — get it, solid? lol, I kill myself — weekend, though.

    Again, I envy you the skill you have, the inner gear you can tap into and the early age you got started in this. Someday, hopefully, I’ll contend in the fat, old and gray division.

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