Yeast Infection Canyon and whatever else

The following pictures of my wife, the squirrel whisperer, have nothing to do with this blog post.  I am not going to explain them.  You can guess.

Yeah, so Saturday was the East Canyon Road Race.  Kelly and the girls came after I told her that it wouldn’t be that cold.  35 on the start.  It’s not THAT cold, right?  Anyway, long story short I killed myself chasing Bryson and Hardwood and Hardwood won anyway.  I got dropped like a fat bag of snacks* on the way home and cruised it in.   Ehhh, some times you kick, sometimes you get kicked.  Ben was our top guy in 7th, so yeah, pretty much not awesome for the team all around. 

Watched “No Country for Old Men” that night.  Ummm, I really enjoyed it, but did they run out of budget and just end the movie in the middle of a scene or what?  Dear Coen Brothers, it’s called RESOLUTION.  Please try to include it in the future.

Sunday was a postcard day.  Took a cruisy cruise up the bike path with the girls.  Actually, it was not so cruisy cruisy as Kelly was killing me all the way up to Bridal Veil.  In my defense, I did race the day before, was pulling a trailer, and apparently suck.

Went to church after that.  I heard Haley screaming in the foyer, when she should have been in primary, and went to go investigate.  She got in trouble for not being able to sit still or somesuch, and as I am talking to her about sitting, paying attention, listening to the teacher and what not, she fires back with:

“Daddy, I can’t deny what happened in there”.

The other person within earshot starting cracking up as Haley just doesn’t speak like a normal 3 year old.  She probably speaks better than most adults. 

Went for a walk on the Provo River Trail that evening, even taking Cassidy (the dog) along.  Cassidy is ~14 now, and her hips don’t work quite so well as they did in her younger days, so the return trip was a bit arduous for her.

Then, it was home for a healthy dinner of hot dogs.  Yes, hot dogs.

Oh yeah, related to the pics below, I may tell the full story at a later date, but the part that really hurt was finishing with 4 Postal guys and still getting time cut!! 

* tm Sandy Perrins


5 thoughts on “Yeast Infection Canyon and whatever else

  1. Cormac Mcarthy is to blame, he has a tendency to do things like that in his novels, The Coen bro.s were actually faithful to the novel.

    Evil sometimes wins.

  2. Ummm, yeah, I guess what I was saying is I didn’t like it that much. And now I don’t need to read the book. Friend-o!!

    Wait, wait, I just re-read and I guess I did say “I really enjoyed it”.

    I guess what I am saying is, whatever.

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