Something to Look Forward to…

I am pumped for some crit racing action this weekend.  If there’s one thing we lack around here, it is crits.  Maybe because of all the week night stuff, I dunno, but I am glad that we have one.  The following week is the state crit titles, so yeah that’s two, but this weekend will be the first and last chance I’ve had to wear the state chimp jersey in state.

Unless I manage to win again.

On the other hand, I was bummed that they cancelled the Antelope Island race as that has gone really, really, ridiculously well the last two years as well.

Yeah, it’s only Wednesday and I am already talking about the weekend…


10 thoughts on “Something to Look Forward to…

  1. I do like the idea of a two-fer- Mtn bike and crittin’ in the same day- but I’m afraid I would kill myself before the crit. Plus that would make for an awfully long day for the girls.

  2. Of course, my snide remark should be taken for what it is — a friendly jab from a wannabe who whimpers at the very sight of a steep climb.

  3. OK, fine. I hope you freeze your girls off at the crit Saturday. 😉

    I’m skipping crits for a while. Kindergarten soccer games and a tri-geek-athlon in SG have my schedule booked for a couple of weekends.

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