Ogden Crit and the Best Sunday Ever!!

The Ogden Crit went alright.  About twenty minutes into it, I was left to close a small gap.  I  check ahead and had 3 teammies amongst the 8 ahead and left it to someone else.  No one was game and so they went.  It wasn’t the perfect scenario as there were some fast guys up in the group and none of the Park City Jeep guys up there were super quick in the likely sprint finish scenario.  Actually, Kirk is pretty darn quick, but he needs a little form polishing yet.  Anyway, flash forward a bit and it split down to C-Hoff (American RADDDD), Harwood (Porculized), and our man Ira, who walked first at graduation to make it to the race in time.  Ira is stronger than a horse, in fact, I’d say he makes horse look rather pedestrian, but he has neither the experience or the speed of those other two.  C-Hoff won in front of the Wood.   Awesome job to those guys!

Back in the field, I jumped around 2.5 laps to go, when I got caught, Bryson (American RADD Idol) went over the top, which was an awesome move and reminded me how much I liked it when we were teammates as  you could count on him to do just that.  Ben D’Over of the world famous Park City Jeep team hesitated, but eventually did the right thing and went after him.  They stayed away for 7th and 8th after a couple guys got popped from the break.  I got punked like a punk by Patrick, the real sprinter from Ski Utah, AGAIN and wound up 10th.  That is twice.  Now you made my list of guys NOT to go to the line with!!  If I can help it.

We had 5 guys in the top 10, which scored us some nice bank, but we gotta keep working on the fundamentals to score more V’s.

Big thanks to everyone involved it was RAD.  With one D or two.  Take your pick.

One comment, and here’s where I sound like a whiner.  It needed to be longer.  60 minutes on such an easy course doesn’t cut it.  I say minimum 90 minutes and longer is better. 

Sunday was a day like no other.  We flaked on Stake Conference (to my out of state friends, it’s a Mormon thing) and went for an awesome bike ride.  I pulled the trailer all the way up South Fork, which is like a 4.5 mile climb, which while not steep feels quite steep while pulling two kids.  It ended up being a 35 mile day, which is a long one in the trailer( or pulling it), but the girls did great.  We did stop and let them play at the park on the way back as is our normal routine.

Then, it was off to Ruby River where we ate like Kings.  Or like a king, a queen, and two princesses.  That meal should cover me for the rest of the day.

Second thought, there is ice cream in the freezer.

Anyway, scrolling back up this there is a whole lot of race report and bike ride talk, which I get bored with on other peoples’ blogs.   I guess I will end by saying, whatever.


6 thoughts on “Ogden Crit and the Best Sunday Ever!!

  1. Oh, whoops…umm…I meant about the password…I didn’t think it was okay to talk about those “secret things” in provo. Sorry. I had no intentions of befouling your blog.

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