Return to Semi-Normalcy

I am back on a standard 40 hour-ish working week now, so I am not in at 6:30 am anymore.  Consequently, you may see less blogging action here as the first couple hours when things are dead is when I was doing most of my updating, as it still feel like I have 60 hours of work to squeeze in.

Then, again, you may see more so keep checking in.

I am leaving early today as Kelly is having surgery.  No, it’s not a boob job!!  She has a cyst on her shoulder that they think is just a fat deposit, but it’s pretty much always in the way, so they’re gonna cut it out.  I was hoping they’d let us take it home to display on the coffee table, but no dice.  Anyway, as she can’t drive or watch the kids while under the knife, I am going home.

My homeboy Sleevie just offered to make us dinner.  That is a true friend.  He has his own surgery (#4 on the knee!) on Friday, so we’ll have to pay it back (or forward or whatever).

Anyhoo, phone’s ringing I gotta bust a move.


9 thoughts on “Return to Semi-Normalcy

  1. I’ve said it before but, without sounding creepy –

    It redeems my faith in humanity that Ryan Barrett has clearly found a partner who can match his, um, humor. Or whatever.

    Speedy recovery to you both!

    On the plus side, if you (Ryan) got a boob job you’d be at least as feminine as:

  2. Actually, I think Turbo with a pair of DDs would look more like Liz Hatch from Vanderkitten

    Not that there’d be anything wrong (or wierd) about that.

  3. I am pretty sure that is an insult to Miz Liz. I’ve only met her once, but I’m pretty sure she’s not someone I’d want to piss off.

  4. I’m just saying if I had to get some feminine enchancements, I’d personally prefer to look more like Liz Hatch than Tammy Thomas. I think you would, too.

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