Favorites Prepare for State Champs

Provo area biker and all-around gangly dude, Ryan Barrett, is preparing to defend his Utah State Criterium Championship Saturday May 10 at the Redneck Mullet Raceway in  West Methlabsville, Utah.  When reached for comment, Barrett said “Bring It” before abruptly ending the interview to chase kids off the lawn of his Provo estate.  Barrett brings a strong Park City Jeep team, already the winners of this years’ Triple Valley Stage Race.

Ogden area racer Cameron Hoffman was quoted as saying “I am going to take that (state champion) jersey” to Barrett after winning last weeks Ogden BDO Criterium.  For the record, the jersey says 2007 right on the front, so that wouldn’t really make a lot of sense, although with a sharpie one could likely turn the seven into an eight without too much trouble. 

In a style only typically seen in the WWE, 2007 3rd place finisher and teammate of Barrett, Bryson Pery joined forces with Hoffman in 2008 to form the American RADD team.  The combined power of these two beasts is enough to strike fear in the heart of the heartless.  With a powerful team behind them, they will certainly be among the favorites to take home the title.

Coming straight outta Draper Dave “Hardwood” Harward leads a powerful Porcupine/Specialized team along with tag team partner Chris Pietrzcak.  These two legendary hardmen are backed up by a strong team and have got to be listed among the favorites, especially considering the homecourt advantage enjoyed by this team at the RMR.

Contender Bicycles also brings a power-packed team with both youth and experience. 

Another rider to watch is Patrick Fasse of Ski Utah fame, winner of the final stage at Triple Valley Stage Race.

Of course, it is a bike race whereby people race on bikes, and the winner is not predetermined and there are several outsiders waiting in the wings to prove this reporter less than knowledgeable.

Who will take home the title? 

Who will go home a dejected loser? 

The only way to find out is to see it live Saturday May 10 at 3:00 pm!!


Or check back here a day or so later.


5 thoughts on “Favorites Prepare for State Champs

  1. in honor of the RMR I will be drinking bud light out of a plastic cup whilst cheering you boys on. I will also be on percocet so watch out.

    If the race was at it’s traditional location I would smoke some crack with the local transients just to support the community.. cheers

  2. That’s what I call team work!
    Good luck today, Sleevie. For those who don’t know it’s D-Day for knee surgery #4.
    Let us know what we can do.
    Love ya, buddy.

  3. Are you saying you won’t be proud of me unless I win?
    I’m gonna go throw up now.

    Just kidding.
    Good luck at the tri.

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