Things Fall Apart…

So, I’ve been asked a few times lately how I manage a 50 hour a week job (plus 5-10 hours commuting!), being a family man, racing, etc.  The short answer is, it’s all about balance and I am lucky to have Kelly around.  The long answer is that as I try and do everything, something invariably gets lost in the mix.  Most recently, yard work. 

Sunday night, we had a major windstorm, which knocked down a significant chunk of my fence.  Luckily for me, my neighbor on the other side of the fence is trying to sell his house (probably to get away from me) and so is eager to fix it this weekend, when I’ll be “busy” racing my bike at Bear Lake.

I hadn’t mowed the lawn in awhile, and finally got around to it Tuesday night.  What with the hound dog, the fence down, and foot high grass, we’re already looking like the Cooter’s on the block, so I finally get to mowing.  The weedwhacker is broken so that will have to wait.  Actually, I have two and they both are broken… There is no broken down car on the front lawn yet, but I am working on it!

Of course, what with the grass being so high, I can’t see  ALL the sprinkler heads and manage to snap one of those in the process.  I have some extra heads, but they are not the 360 degree kind I need, so I can either have a new geyser, half ass it, or go to the sprinkler supply store.  Of course, half assing it is the most appealing option, but again Kelly is there to set me straight.

I’ll let you in on the state of the garage at a later date.

Cooter and his dog pointing out UFO’s:


3 thoughts on “Things Fall Apart…

  1. Neighbor kids are great for the mowing of lawns. My wife insists that we hire one because, as she rightly points out, if I’m in charge of the lawn it might never get mowed.

    One way to clean out the garage (or in my case the basement) is to have a backed up sewage pipe pour copious amounts of gunk into it. Then you can have Utah Disaster Kleenup and your insurance adjuster take care of the problem.

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