Bear Lake Weekend

I don’t have too much to say about the road race.  104 miles, pretty flat.  I felt awesome, but I got the feeling another team did not want me to race.  We left the finale in the hands of teammates Ben and Marc and they stuffed it pretty bad.  I can say that kind of stuff because they know it’s true; and we’ve all been there/done that!

The field went into MS 150 mode once the break was gone, so I rolled away with the guy from Taxi Driver:

Tommy Nelson of American RADD Idol

We caught another group that had done the same thing and I ended up something like 8th.  We had 4 guys in the top 10, but you know, that doesn’t make me feel all giddy like winning does.

Mike Sohm (Porculized) was the big winner.  Awesome job to a tough cookie.

Sunday was the TTT.  52 miles on a TT bike belonging to someone 4 inches smaller than you sure makes your bum sore.  I think I know where Soft Cell came up with that song “Tainted Love” now.  In any case, our “B Team” took our “A Team” to school by 3 seconds.  Unfortunately, both teams got whomped by American RADDDDD and wound up 2nd and 3rd.  I felt good again, which is nice.

Between all that biking, I had a great time.  Tried the Raspberry Shake at LaBeau’s as per J_E’s advice, and yeah, that was some good stuff.  As he has noted, my kids pretty well terrorized the otherwise idyllic Bear Lake area.

In other news, I received word that the Sundance side of Alpine Loop is open:

Along with this note:

>Top of the loop bee-atch<

Nice.  Too bad I don’t have time to haul myself up there.


6 thoughts on “Bear Lake Weekend

  1. It apparently isn’t “open open” and required a bit of hiking on the Sundance side. The AF side is still pretty snowy, but what with it being 90 today and tomorrow, that could change pretty quickly.
    In any case, yeah, looking forward to it.

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the part in the road race where I rode my teammate Kirk Eck into the ditch. I saw somebody attacking up the right side, and at least a foot gap behind him. I jumped into said gap just in time to hear Eki yelling at and then watch him from the corner of my eye as he plowed through the dirty ditch next to me. He kept it up. I let him know that it was his fault for leaving such a big gap open!
    Just kidding, Eki, glad you kept it upright.

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