Super Commuter

Managed to haul my carcass out of bed this morning and ride in.  I’ve been talking about this for two months now, and finally managed to get it done.  Better late than never.  Hopefully, now I am set and will keep it up once/week, and get back on the ghetto interval program.

It’s supposed to be a hot and windy ride home, so wish me luck.

Oh yeah, and I set up a sweet commuter bike.  It’s a Seven Elium Race with Reynolds SDV Clinchers



3 thoughts on “Super Commuter

  1. At least *you* didn’t get clipped by a car on your commute home last night.

    In the rain.

    In the cold.

    Talk about adding insult to injury…

  2. Rider and bike are in good shape. The adrenaline rush that followed made for an interesting wattage spike in my interval.

    Yes, I commute with a power meter. SuperDork.

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