State Teet

No, this is not a post about welfare reform.

Yes, tomorrow is the state TT chumps.  Sandy has challenged me to diversify my portfolio and add the tt win to my chumpionship palmares.  I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but I don’t think it’ll happen this year.  I can’t blame it on the bike though as Sleevie is letting me ride his sweet sweet machine once again.  In any case, I’ve never bothered riding the TT, but I am looking to put some points into Sam for the UCA Overall.  I have 8 points on him right now, but that ain’t much of a buffer with all the climbing/stage races over the summer!  Do you get the idea I like my teammates?

Speaking of Sleeveland, we went by his new pad last night.  It is pretty sweet and he is closer than close now. 

Anyway, that’s all I have for this morn, rock on with your bad self.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I am going to pre-celebrate my 3rd 29th birthday by riding Alpine Loop after the TT.  Anyone interested?? 



12 thoughts on “State Teet

  1. I’m just riding Redwood back to my ‘hood. No loopiness for me.

    But I hope to represent my crew in Cat 5 TT glory if I can get my seatpost back up. Nothing worse at a TT than to have your seatpost fall to the bottom after a little bump like I did last night at Saltair. I’d rather have flatted and walked back to the start line than grunt it out from six inches too low for the final 9k of the 10k race.

  2. Redwood Road- not so hot for biking right now. Or ever.
    Alpine Loop- not so hot for cars right now (gate still closed). Easy enough choice for me!

  3. I don’t really have a birthday until the 3rd of June, but I’ll take your well-wishes just the same.
    PS- Slacker.

  4. If time allowed, I’d be all loopy with you. But I need to get back and after I hit 140th South or so, I’ll skip over to 1300 West and ride that.

    Redwood in the SLC sucks for bikes. Maybe when the construction crews decide to not turn the new bike lanes south of 106th into their private gravel pits it might be a decent ride south, but probably not.

  5. If I didn’t know that the world is full of pervs I’d say that the blog search was done on purpose. I wonder what other things they found.

  6. For reference other searches that landed here today:
    “ryan barrett cycling utah”
    “michael ball matt decanio”
    “alexandre vinokourov”
    “mark gorski olympic”
    “kind of a big deal”
    “jonathan vaughters drugs no angel”
    “bike provo salt lake”
    “redneck mullet”
    “provo city bike race course”
    “2008 utah state criterium photos”
    “rev x”
    Almost every day, I get searches for a certain domestic racer and “drugs” or “doping”, but I won’t put that here because I’m afraid he’ll track me down.

  7. Hmm…if he is from cali i bet i know who it is. let’s start with the obvious…Kayleflail. do i get more than one guess?

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