It’s a new look I’ve been working on.

Had the best birthday party I can remember last night.  I think as the girls are getting older Kelly is getting more into this stuff because the girls enjoy it more.  She made homemade tacos, which is pretty much the best thing ever.  Plus, cake, plus ice cream (from BYU creamery, of course).  Woah, mama, gotta figure out a way to do the super commute this week if I am going to maintain my girlish figure.  Anyway, I am sure later today Kelly will do a far better post on the evening’s festivities complete with pictures, but I wanted to say thanks!

Also, wanted to say others who sent me happy birthday wishes.  It means a lot to me.


7 thoughts on “Magnum

  1. Sorry… I didn’t mean to indicate that not saying happy birthday broke my heart or anything. Still appreciated fellas.

  2. Ok, what’s with stealing all of the photos I take/make? I’d like some credit damn it! I work hard for about 10 seconds to make those suckers. I’ve got a couple more good ones that didn’t make the cut…don’t worry, they’ll come out soon enough.

  3. They would have put all the candles in the cake but the heat would’ve singe what you have left for hair.

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