My $8 Pants Finally Kicked the Bucket

This maybe less than relevant to some readers, but I know Kelly will be sad to hear the news.  Awhile back, she bought me some new pants.  Upon seeing my sweet new trousers, Kelly was all “if you don’t like them, don’t sweat it, they were only 8 bucks”. 

Now, it turned out this was a hell of a deal because I did, in fact, like them. 

They did have one small problem and that was that the “fly” does not stay up at all.  If I am standing for any amount of time, you can count on the fly being wide open.  To me this is not much of a problem as it’s one less thing to remember.  I mean, why remember to zip your fly if it’s just going to open again, right?

Anyway, sad to say that my $8 pants developed a large hole in the knee today.  I have a meeting up in Park City tonight, so I put some tape on the inside to hold it together.  First class all the way, baby!



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