Fry Day

I am super-duper excited for the Sugarhouse Crit tomorrow.  It was one of the first races I won after moving to Utah back in 2004, which I think helped a lot with my confidence in being able to race and work.  It’s crazy to think Haley wasn’t even born yet.  Anyway, it’s always an interesting race.  The debate always seems to be whether it’s actually a crit or a circuit race, which when I think about it doesn’t make any sense.  Why should it matter?  It’s a bike race, damnit.  I am glad it’s up to 90 minutes.  Yes, I really think the extra half hour will put the sting on some people.  Possibly me.  I would sincerely like to see this course go 100k.  I think that would make for a damn hard race.  Since I am rambling, I hear that back in the day Gardie got a solo lap on the field on this course.  Can someone explain how that’s possible?  Especially if it was only an hour…

Tonight Kelly and I are taking the girls to the pool.  Hopefully I can warm Haley back up to the idea of swimming.  Of course, if summer’s never going to come, learning to swim isn’t much of a priority, is it?  I guess that’s a little off topic, but the point is we’re going and hopefully I can work some daddy magic to get her into it.

Other than that, just trying to trudge through another day in cube land.

Have a good weekend.  Take chances, but not dumb ones.


4 thoughts on “Fry Day

  1. Gardie got a lap on the field for a few reasons:

    1. Allan, Johnny and I were at Cascade.
    2. Gardie rode for First Endurance which had the largest team at the race with us gone.
    3. It was 107 degrees out. Some folks like that, some folks don’t.

  2. Okay, first of all you forgot one reason:

    4. F. G. Jackson IV = BAD A.

    However, even with all of these data points, I am still finding the magic to taking over a mile out a the field (by oneself, in less than an hour) hard to imagine.

  3. I think he used to be able to ride a decent TT back in his late 30’s. That might have something to do with it.

    Of course this is all in jest, and G-love still kicks arse.

    Oh, and what’s an “A.”?

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