T-Bird schooled everybody.  I get less bummed when our local pros take it to us if it’s a long race, or a mountain top finish or something.  But, I look at crits/circuits as the chance for us to compete on a semi-level playing field, as we can all train for an hour and half event.  Yeah, I know, he is one of the best guys in the country.  But, he’s one guy and it kills me for a whole team of guys to get beat by one.  Anyway, whatever- there’s  a reason he’s been able to make a living pedalling bikes this long and it’s not because he sucks!

As for me, I wasn’t awesome.  I will try to increase my awesomeness for next week.  I was good in the beginning and then missed the break… I think my head just wasn’t in it after that.  So when the break came close to back with 2 to go, I was off in la la land somewhere when I should have seen the new opportunity to get back into the race.  In any case, I wasn’t into it and with 400 meters to go, I was 40 guys back.  I think I ended up around 12th with the remnants of the break within spitting distance of the front of bunch. 

So, it didn’t go so well for our team as Sam was in the move, but got dumped with a lap to go and brought back into the fold.  He is riding well, so somebody (and I can guess who) must have lit the afterburners.

On the plus side, I got to wear the UCA Leader’s jersey again, which was cool.  On the other plus side, even though my performance was dissapointing, it remains one of my favorite local races. 

Pulled the girls in the trailer for my warm up this morning and mowed the lawn in the evening, so if nothing else a solid calorie burning day!


4 thoughts on “Sugarhouse

  1. I kept looking for you in the group with no luck. Only on the last lap did I realize you were wearing yellow and not the standard team white! Sorry we didn’t yell more encouragement. Kate had fun cheering from the trees and timing her gymnastics passes for when you guys rolled by. One of these years I need to try that race – it looks fun.

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