Check out Intervention next Monday night.  An ex-US Postal racer, “Chad”, will be featured.  I am not writing this in anyway to make fun of the guy.  I hope the show can help him make a change.  Hell, I’d love to see him race again!

I am a huge fan of the show, and this one should be particularly interesting.


21 thoughts on “Intervention

  1. Intervention is a tv show on A&E. Each episode follows a drug addict for awhile under the guise of a documentary on addiction. At the end, there is an intervention.
    Hence the name, Intervention.
    It is the only thing worth watching.

  2. Do you know if they publicize year later success rates? 20 years ago the success rate of interventions/treatment were a dismal 30%

    I wonder if the circus atmosphere of a reality show helps or harms the person with the disease.

  3. They have an update at the end of the show that says what has happened since filming… probably ~50% success/failure, sometime it is a year later, sometimes only a few months. They have also done follow up “where are they now?” shows.

  4. Best shows on TV:

    The Office (this is just way too funny if you’ve ever worked in cube land)

    Family guy (this one lowers my IQ and I love it).

    House (this one makes me think…)

    PS: is “Chad” a misspelling for Chann? TiVo it for me turbo? I’ll watch it when I get there next week.

  5. Sandy- The Office is good. House? I can’t even watch the commercials it’s so lame.
    Chad is a correct spelling for Chad. Not Chann, who is now the ass. director for Slipstream. How did you get so far out of the scene? I took the last name off the post as people were searching for him and intervention and ending up here, and I don’t know, I don’t want to be fodder for bike gossip, I guess.

  6. Tyler and J_E- Cocaine is just part of the euro-trash lifestyle. Like breathing, hair gel, and trendy shoes.

  7. hey I have a question…I don’t know if you noticed saturday but I totally broke my bike shoes in the jr. crit and had duck tape on them for the 3’s lol…so I was wondering if I should get Lake Shoes or Sidi?

  8. Oh yeah, and I don’t have TiVo, man. Remember I only got a cell phone a year and a half ago. I can put it on VHS for you! Better than beta.

  9. TWall … I can give a neutral answer … buy what fits best, and is most comfortable. Nothing else matters.

    This means buying from a bike shop, not mail order.

  10. So he won P-R and gets a vacay in July instead of pressure to win the green jersey. It’s a hard knock life.

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