This is the way i get when I’m unhappy with myself,

I feel my mistakes pounding into my head,

lying to my conscience believing i was misled

There’s things I’ve learned since times passed on

 still I hurt when will regret be gone

 gone are the days of feeling good within my soul

and I’ll gain self respect by gaining self control,

 I’ve got a feeling that i can beat this game

then i wont have to…

why do i do the wrong things over and over again

when it seems the outcome never makes any sense,

 I’ve got a feeling that I can beat this game

then I wont have to feel the shame

Yeah, so I was screwing around on the world wide interwebs last night and I found (on youtube) a video for this song.  I love how hearing a song can take you back to specific time and place.  10 years on, it still rocks.  Anyway, if I were smart, I’d post the video, but I don’t know how to do that stuff, so here’s a photo: 

Also, day 3 of antibiotics and my ear still hurts.

Edit: J_E told me how to post the vid…  And he somehow knew it was Snapcase.  For your viewing pleasure (and no, this is not why my ear hurts!!):

Wow, that video quality really sucks!

12 thoughts on “Cognition

  1. Glad to be of service.

    In return, you can wear my kit at the next race and win for me. Should be easy for you to do in the Cat 5 (or maybe Cat 4) field. I’ll wear your kit and have some sort of mechanical failure, thereby saving you from the embarassment my performance would create.

    either that or you can hook me up with a sweet deal on some SDV66s

  2. MSRP IS a sweet deal on SDV66’s!

    I would love to race with the 5’s as I have never been able to do so. They (they being the powers that be) did not invent a 5th category until after I started, so I was a 4 from the get-go.

  3. Sometimes, I think I need to be a Cat 6.

    I’ll upgrade in a couple of weeks. I could do it now, but I’m still realizing I have lots to learn and I’d rather learn it in a ‘learning’ division than risk the lives of the Cat 4s I will line up against.

    My main beef with being a Cat 5 is it’s really not any different than doing ULCER without the rest stations. No results are posted online, points are not earned and it’s not important to anyone at the UCA or outside of the racers themselves and some of us don’t even care.

  4. It’s weird where posts end up sometimes…

    Anyway, I agree that results should be posted. I don’t think it’s fair to say the results aren’t important to anyone. No, I don’t pour over the Cat. 5 results, but I am excited when I hear that the 5’s fields are filling up, etc.
    Besides which, do the results in any local races matter to anyone outside the participants and friends? Does anyone outside of my little group of teammates and competitors care that I won the state crit titles, or that I am going for 4 at the road race this weekend?
    Probably not.

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