5 Reasons Being On Antibiotics Won’t Take Me Out of the State RR

5.  Never lost at Little Mtn. before… Why start now?

4.  New test wheels more than make up for my suckiness

3.  Want to keep the UCA Leader’s Jersey another week

2.  Probably killed off some other viruses I didn’t know I had

1.  Been sick for every decent result I’ve had this year.

For Rico… saw 11 cyclists on my ride in this morning.  No idea how many were commuting vs. just schlubs out for a bike ride.  For Sandy, very few of them waved.  I know this kills you!

As referenced above, got some new test wheels.  Holy schamolies…that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

That’s all I have for now… 


11 thoughts on “5 Reasons Being On Antibiotics Won’t Take Me Out of the State RR

  1. If I went by I would have waved to you 12 times to make up for the putz’es…personally I take several antibiotics daily, cause ya neva know these days… Dr S’ll tell ya… and I open up doors with my elbow’s…

  2. I agree (in principle) that it is a nice gesture of solidarity with your two-wheeled brethren. Especially if someone else waves and/or nods first.
    I am not crazy about it like Sandros tho.

  3. Oh yeah, and reason #6:
    6. Woke up five minutes before the alarm went off pumped to get on my bike. That is good motivation considering it was 4:55am and it’s June.

  4. suckiness?
    does being a state champion 4 years straight make you suck? or maybe being in the UCA leaders jersey does…

  5. Not that I do or do not suck, but I meant “any increased suckiness from the infection and antibiotics”.

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