As in no longer “Undefeated”.

Yeah, I got worked at Little Mtn for our state road race chumps.  It was 5 laps totalling 80 miles, which was a lap shorter than the last couple times.  By the end, it seemed plenty long enough though.  The course has one major difficulty; a hill of around a mile with a solid 500 meter stretch that is really steep.  Typically, that is short enough for me to make it over, but I was hurting from the first time up this year.  The third time up, I got straight up dropped and was in the 3rd group on the road.  Luckily, it was really windy after that, which suits me fine and I jumped from group to group to front group and then there were 10 with most of the players up there.  I had Sam with me, but knew I was pretty much done.  And so, it was when we hit the climb again.  I dropped like a lead weight and spent the remaining 20 miles suffering it out.  I stayed away from the group behind to end up something like 11th, I think.

Sam rode a great race and eventually went to the line against Todd Hageman.  I think Sam was hoping Todd would give him the win as Sam is out-of-state from I da ho, but you know if you can win both, why not?  Major kudos to to Todd, he took the race on like no other.  From the first time up the climb he was driving it and putting EVERYONE in the hurt locker, then he was off the front, then he won the sprint.  It was super impressive.

I am not beating myself up for it.  This was to be my second goal for the year (the first being the crit), but I knew my preparation was crap and was just hoping I could pull something out.  Ultimately, I just wasn’t good enough on the day, but I’ll try, try again.


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