Something’s Not Adding Up Here…

Just taking stock of the upcoming UCA calendar. 

The Capitol Reef Stage Race is on a Fri-Sat. 

Now, I am happy that folks are promoting races, but most of us work Mon-Fri.  I realize that many of us choose to attend church rather than bike gaming on Sundays, but I am pretty sure this promoter is shooting him/herself in the foot.  Especially given that the race is a ways away from the bulk of UCA racers.

The same Saturday is the Sundance Hillclimb.

There is nothing that Sunday, and we have several open Saturdays in August!  Anyway, maybe I will end up riding the Boise No Light (Twilight) Crit as it is the same Saturday and I could legitimize that easier than taking a day of vacay…  I guess we’ll see.

Looking further down the list on August 2, we have the choice of the Tour duh Park City (non UCA) or the Mount Ogden Road Race.  This really doesn’t add up either.  PC is 170 miles with a ridiculous amount of climbing.  MO is a more reasonable distance with an even more ridiculous amount of climbing.  Why put two races that suit the same guys on the same day?  So weird. 

Also, the Porcupine Hill Climb and Farmington Crit are on the same day, but that is a doable double or at least very different events.  Plus, I’ve seen no evidence that the Farmington Crit will happen.

The Chalk Creek Road Race is also the same day as the AB Memorial Crit, but with the AB Crit not being UCA and being a few hours away, that is pretty much acceptable.  I know where I’ll be all the same!!

Anyway, I am stoked that people are putting on races, but I don’t know why they want to go head-to-head when there are free weekends.  And I really, really, really don’t understand a Fri-Sat stage race that is a drive from anywhere.


8 thoughts on “Something’s Not Adding Up Here…

  1. I can’t agree more on the Reef Race.

    I would have no problem with a two-day stage race on Fri-Sat if it was local. This is not local.

    heck, they could even just hold the circuit race or TT Friday night at 7 p.m., then the other two races on Sat to draw a few more people that might consider driving down Fri afternoon.

    But to start it out at 9 a.m. on Friday will result in about 25-30 total registrations.

    I also agree on the strange open weekend, double weekend scheduling smashup. Not convenient at all and will result in small fields at all races rather than moderate to large fields each weekend.

  2. If you do Twilight I may abandon the Snowbird ICUP (I need an excuse to miss that race anyway…) and spectate. Boise is the sweetness. The crit is P-1 this year so the field should (in theory) be a bit safer due to the fewer number of racers. Plus, how many opportunities do you have to race at night with 20,000 people screaming and clicking at you for an hour? Good times.

  3. Yeah, it’s a sweet race and all, BUT it’s a long way to go unless I have the nerve and the form to mix it up with the big boys. I have sat in the middle of enough big crits at this point.

  4. Meh. I’ve kinda gotten used to the fact that I have to drive, usually for at least an hour, to any and all races. When are we going to get more races in the UC, anyway? And not ones way down in Elberta?

  5. RR,

    I think you’ll get UC races as soon as the UC clubs want to sponsor them. You do have the Sundance Hillclimb next month.

    But an Alpine Loop race would be a great addition to the calendar. So would an ULCER-type race without 1,000 picnic riders — not that there is anything wrong with picnic riders.

  6. Ha, ha! What UC clubs?

    I guess what you’re saying, JE, is that Turbo and I need to put on our race-organizer hats and be more pro-active?

  7. I was just checking the site — as opposed to the site — and noticed there is the Hunstville 100 on August 9 (RMCC sponsored) and the Antelope Island TT on August 30 (Bountiful Mazda sponsored) so the month might not be as empty as the UCA calendar makes it look.

    As for UC clubs, it appears the shops/clubs down there are comfortable being recreation oriented — which is fine — and not much into events. Although I have noticed a new club (TheFan) which has some familiar names (Preston) on it. Maybe they will make the leap into an active UCA club next year.

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