Get High Uintas…

This weekend is one of my favorite races on the Utah calendar.  Yeah, I say that every week, so I guess this is really, really, really a fav.  If you aren’t doing this race, you are missing out.  Period.  And it suits me less than almost any race all year, so you gotta know, I dig it.  For my out of state friends, the first stage is 80 miles over Bald Mtn. Pass (~10K ft) from Kamas, UT to Evanston, WY. 

“Wyoming- all you need is a bed roll and a horse”.

“Don’t forget your toothbrush- you’re still in your cavity prone years”

Sorry, I had a “Breaking Away” moment.  Anyway, Stage Two is a ten mile time trial.  I thought it was 8, but Sandy says it’s 10, and since he has won it, I’ll go with him.  Stage Three is the best crit course we do all year, with a solid couple block climb and a technical descent in downtown Evanston.  The prize money is really, really solid too.  And there’s a party at the end with a huge raffle with free pizza and beer for the heathens and diet coke for those of us on the straight and narrow.

On that note, did you know that raffles are illegal in Utah?  It is too close to gambling or somesuch, so they have some other name for it- “opportunity give-a-way” or some crap like that.  Also, by law, if someone asks for a free “non-raffle” ticket, they have to give it to them.  Yeah, it’s weird, but I guess some legit non-profit got shut down for it.  Crazy, huh?

Anyway, I guess that was a tangent.  The moral of the story is: Bring your oxygen tank, because we are getting high.  And don’t forget your bedroll.

6 thoughts on “Get High Uintas…

  1. I can’t believe I forgot to mention the “best calves” competition. Surprisingly, I have never won.

  2. There as got to be a joke in there somewhere with calves and Wyoming women. But I can’t seem to make the connection.

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