Nothing Really…

…going on today.  Counting the days before I leave on my next big adventure.  We are heading out to California on Friday.  Kelly’s mom is having surgery, so Kelly will be helping around the house for a couple weeks.  I can only escape for a week, but will hopefully squeeze in a couple bike races and some surfing.  And work, I gotta do a couple days of schmoozing while I’m out there.

Manhattan Beach is on Sunday.  I don’t really have the intestinal fortitude for a 180 degree turn with 300 meters to go in an NRC field sprint situation, but I’ll give it a shot all the same.  I think the best I’ve ever done is getting someone else to the top 5 going into that turn, and then getting the hell out of the way.  I’ll hold out the glimmer of hope that a break can go, and that I can be there, and that miracles really do happen.

Anyway, that’s all I have for the moment…


7 thoughts on “Nothing Really…

  1. Pretty fast to do a 180. Basically there is a full blown lead out into it, and yeah, it’s slightly downhill usually there’s a slight headwind blowing off the ocean, but umm, yeah, it’s fast.

  2. No offense taken.

    It is an odd obsession.

    Kind of like how some basketball fans hate the Lakers, some baseball fans hate the Yankees and some football fans hate the Cowboys.

    I don’t necessarily ‘hate’ Rock Racing. I just think their attention-whore owner is a bit of a dork.

  3. Nice of you to provide him with the attention he seeks then.

    As everyone knows, I am a lover, not a hater. I hate the fact that he is hiring guys and using their checkered past to benefit his notoriety, but I love that he is giving some young guys a chance. Although I hear they are kinda getting hosed. So maybe I am a hater after all.

  4. Well, I don’t know about the 150 hits or so my blogs gets every day being the kind of attention he’s after. 😉

    I’m happy, though, to see another pro team that is getting some results and, as you said, giving people a chance to be pro cyclists.

    I’m also VERY happy to see him sponsor a women’s team. As the father of three girls, I like seeing opportunities opening for them — even if they might never want to go that direction.

    I wish the Tour of Utah would have a women’s field. Or maybe just a couple of women’s stages. I think the support for that locally might actually surprise the organizers.

    Maybe next year.

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