T-Minus One Day and Counting…

Craptains Log.  Stardate June 26, the year of our Lord 2008.

I am pretty amped to get on the road.  Four years on and I still think of Long Beach as my other “home”.

I am on the fence of whether to race Saturday or not.  It’s a couple hours to San Diego, the day after being in the car all day, but it looks like a nice race.  If nothing else, it would be good to blow my legs out before Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!  What to do, what to do?

On a positive note, work gave me a “new” laptop.  New to me anyway.   Apparently, they found out I am leaving town and were worried about my ability to update my weblog. 

So, I did the big commute yesterday and the wind was whipping from the south.  Two hours+ into a block headwind at the end of a long day.  At least it was only 95 degrees.  Please don’t get me wrong.  It makes you tuff, and I will never complain about heat after the winter we had. 

In other news, I hear there is a photo shoot tomorrow and I am being replaced as coverboy.  I know exactly how Zoolander felt when Hansel came to town. 

I think I need to challenge Sandy to a walk-off.

I have got a load of bidness to take care of today… time to quit stalling.


One thought on “T-Minus One Day and Counting…

  1. Interestingly I’m pretty sure at my age, and based on the fact that I played cover boy in 2006 only to be replaced in 2007, I’m Zoolander and YOU’RE Hansel. As I always say, “SO hot right now…”

    I know what will chear you up…

    Orange Mocha Frappucino!

    Enjoy the surf and rappeling off Mt. Vesuvius. Just remember, it might be all in your mind.

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