MBGP and whatever…

It was crazy as always.  I felt good, but as anticipated had not the balls to contest the field sprint.  I tried to get away, but that’s pretty much impossible.  Plus, every time I hit it, I’d end up alone and I just can’t go 33+ by myself.  As expected, there was a couple big ass crashes in the last turn. 

My father-in-law got some great pics of the crashes.  I’ll post ’em if I get ’em. 

EDIT:  Alright, alright… I’ll add some details… Rahsaan Bahati won again.  This race is tailor made for him and with ROCK (dude) being the sponsor, I’m sure the pressure was on.  

The race feels like it’s downhill the whole time.  Except when you are off the front, then it feel like it’s uphill the whole time.

Today I had the awesomest breakfast ever in the happiest place on earth.  Seal Beach.  Kelly and I rode to breakfast with NO KIDS!!  It was sweet. 

RB Out


4 thoughts on “MBGP and whatever…

  1. Sandrosian- No worries. Always good to hear from you.

    Parker Brother- AS a matter of fact, I won some massage oil as a prime. Let me know when you want to collect on your “prize”.

    I was hoping it was, you know, money or something, but whatever.

  2. Yeah right.. last time you tried that I woke up in a ditch 12 hours later in a rainbow bright costume with a metallic taste in my mouth…

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