Night of the Living Fred and some reader mail

(stolen from whatever popped up when I googled “zombie bike pic”)

Yeah, I was a bit of a zombie on the ride in this morning.  I don’t know at what point more sleep would be more beneficial than more riding, but I don’t think I’m there just yet.  In fairness, Etta (the new puppy– try to keep up) has been sleeping like a champ.

Anyway, on to some reader mail:

Dear American Beef,

Don’t you think that American Beef (not you, but the meatpacking co. now sponsoring the former Saunier Duval team)  is probably putting less money into the team than Saunier Duval and that the value of the team has dropped.  Is it really appropriate to be making jokes during such a time?  These are real people whose jobs are at stake.

Faithfully yours,

Gene Italia

Dear Gene,

Yes, it is completely appropriate to “be making jokes”.

Dear American  Beef,

Could you please let your readership know your plans for 2009?  The suspense is killing us.  We have narrowed it down to Rock Racing, American RADDDDDD, American Idol, American Beef, Chihuahua Beef, or retirement in the south Pacific.


Sleepless in San Quentin

Gentle Reader, none of your guesses are correct.  I could tell you, and I wouldn’t even have to kill you.  But I won’t.  At least until later.  If I have time.


American Beef

Some good news from the whole Ricco positive story.

In addition to Scott Bikes staying on, the Saunier Duval team is going forward with the name “American Beef”, which is, oddly enough, a meatpacking company based in Chihuahua, Mexico.  Anyway, the point is I would be proud as to have “American Beef” emblazoned across my chest.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that for the honor of having “American Beef” on my jersey I would pay the company rather than vice versa.

Also, nice of Ricco to just say “yeah, I did it… Don’t bother with the B Sample” rather than blaming it on his invisible twin, his dog, his grandma, bolivian candy, the dentist, an extortionist, et al.  I really think the glory days of doping positive excuses are behind us.

Also note that like Diddy or Chris Fox, I am hereby changing my nickname to American Beef. 


American Beef 

So Much Drama…

Once again Kelly has all the gory details on Cassidy.  The good news is that it looks like she’ll get past this hurdle. 

If you don’t already know, there was a big earthquake centered in Chino Hills, CA.  Like a 5.8.  I guess the reports are few injuries, but still a pretty big shakedown.  For the record, in my 4 years living there and infinite number of visits, I have never felt an earthquake.  It’s like the stars are aligned against it.  I know some people would think it’s a good thing, but it’s really weird.  When we lived there, if I went away racing for a weekend, guaranteed there would be one.  Or it happened while I was driving or riding and just never felt anything. 

Anyway, I hope all my homies are a’ight.

As mentioned below, I had the distinct privelege of motorpacing through my lunch break.  Yowch!!  It has been about 5 years since I have done any motorpacing… It doesn’t hurt any less than I remember.  Thanks to Kelly “Star” Jones for driving!  It’s gonna be a long ride home tonight…

First Ride on the TOFU Bike and Cassidy takes a turn for the worse

Rode the TOFU SPECIAL for the first time this morning.  In typical me fashion, the first day on this bike will be a five hour day.  Remember coachees- Do as I say, not as I do.  Anyway, two hours commuting for breakfast, a delicious motorpace session for lunch, and a sensible dinner commute.  With two hours down, I can say it is a sweet machine.  The Sev definitely has a way longer top tube, so I feel like a bit of a tourist, especially on the tops, but once I get into my patented 180 degree elbow bend position, it is all to the good.  If you are thinking I should just ride a longer stem, they don’t make them and if they do, it’s gonna negatively affect handling.  Besides which, it’s just one of those things that I’m sure I’ll be used to in another day or two and then the Sev will feel like I am Stretch Armstrong.  No relation to Lance.  Or Neil.  The bike is stiff.  And you know there is nothing I like more than stiffness.  It really accelerates well.  Thanks to Canyon Draper for hooking this dealio up. 

No, I don’t get to keep it!

When I got in, I had like 5 missed calls from Kelly.  As a parent, this was more than a little disconcerting.  I am somewhat embarassed to say that I was relieved to hear it was about Cassidy.  I love my dog.  I really do, but I am not one of those people whose dog is their child.  Not even the same stratosphere.  In any case, as the astute reader will remember she is 14 years old and the estimated life span for her breed is 12, so being alive is a good thing.  And she is still alive.  However, her leg was swollen the last couple days, and apparently it “exploded” (that is a straight quote from Kelly) all over the place with blood, etc.  Pretty nasty.  She is at the vet now, so we’ll see what the story is shortly.  I am pulling for her, but I gotta say she has declined pretty dramatically in terms of mobility, hearing, etc this year.  Think good doggy thoughts…

Allan Butler Memorial Crit in Brief…

This is a really hard post to keep brief, but I am going to try.  As far as the race went, my teammate Sam “Blitz” Krieg and I ended up lapping the field, and then I won the field sprint so that was the sweetness.  I will go ahead and hand the hardman of the day award to Sam though, as he had drove from his house in Pocatello 3 hours south to the road race in Utah, come 5th in the ~85 mile road race, flipped a btch, drove 4 hours north and lapped the field in Idaho Falls!  Impressive?  I think so!

In less sweet news, this is almost definitely the last race I’ll ever ride with Sandy.  Also, I pretty much told the team that I am going to do something else for next year, which I am really excited about, but both of these facts are really hard to swallow.  This is the only team I’ve ridden with in Utah, and I have so many memories attached.  All of that occuring at a Memorial Race for Allan…  Definitely an emotional evening.

On the flip side, it was great to see Allan’s family again, as well as reconnecting with some friends we don’t see enough of.

Oh yeah, and on a completely unrelated topic (to anyone besides us), we bought a britney spaniel puppy on the way home.

EDIT: Once again Kelly has rocked my world in the blog posting department.  Click for photos, etc.


My out-of-state readership may not know this, but July 24 is a holiday in Utah, known as “Pioneer Day”.  Unfortunately, it is not a holiday for me.  Coupled with this factoid is that half our staff is at the tour (of france!), and I am left to pick up the slack.  In about half an hour the phone will start ringing and will not stop until I leave for the day.  I took a lunch yesterday (first time this week) and came back to a dozen messages… 

Anyway, enough BLW for now.

Super Commuter

I was up and pedalling away before the sun once again.  Left about five minutes earlier than normal, but somehow found myself way ahead of schedule allowing me to detour up to Hairy-Man adding a few miles and a few less lights on my way in to work.  I will just assume this means that the form is coming and I am going to win Tour of Utah.  40 miles before 7:30.  Have I mentioned I love summer?  9 hour work day with 75 miles on the bike, plus lawn mowing and plenty of daylight to spare.  Yeah!!

Speaking of TofU, I picked up the TOFU bike.  Clearly one upping the Calfee bamboo bike.  Who knew they could make bikes out of tofu?


You’ll have to use your imagnification skills to picture it with real wheels as I just stole the stock pic:


I fought the urge to mount the new steed for the commute.  I will get through the AB Crit this weekend and hopefully then find some time to get it set up to my turbifications.

Anyway, back to work.

EDIT: Ok, I know I have said that everyone I know has a blog, but apparently I missed someone as my brother-in-law and his wife have since started one.  Why does everyone use blogger?  WordPress is where it’s at.

Morning Reign

I rode into work this morning and there was some strange liquid pouring forth from the heavens.  It really never rained hard and as dry as this summer has been, it felt quite good.  Took a long time to get light out though. 

I wonder if the air will clear out?

A black cat crossed my path, but as it was only a couple feet ahead of me coming out of blind corner, I figured not hitting it was good luck.  Good thing I’m not superstitious

Party on Wayne.