El do does not dissapoint…

Had a great time at the training race last night.  I felt great all night and was pretty much in one break or another from the first lap to the end.  Lots of big hitters in attendance.  Just like old times!

Took the girls to the beach this morning and now I am hanging out while Kelly’s at the hospital.  Morgan is sleeping and Haley is watching a moo-vie.

Cassidy seems a good bit better… Now I am worried about taking her back to Utah and leaving her alone all day while I am at work.

I have managed to pass on IN N Out twice now.  I am pretty sure I won’t be able to keep that record going much longer.


9 thoughts on “El do does not dissapoint…

  1. In-N-Out is not even fast food, more like Mom’s home cooking. There is no need to pass on it and doing so should make you feel guilty, as if you skipped a serving of fruit or vegetables and opted for dessert instead.

  2. In an odd twist, there have been several times when I have skipped a serving of fruit or vegetables and opted for dessert and felt no guilt.

  3. Well, I don’t know about that, JE…

    I’ve had lots of times when “In-n-out” has led to guilt, but that’s a different kind of In-n-out for a different kind of blog…

    (sorry, it had to be done.)

  4. You can all relax (except Parke) as I have struck In-N-Out from the list of things that must be done while in CA. The burger kind.

  5. (speaking of guilt I just remembered your family reads this blog. Jeeze, Parke… Oh well, at least I didn’t work in some tasteless “YO Momma” joke or something like I’d normally do.)

    (Hi Ryan’s mom… all my best…)

  6. Did any ducks die on tuesday? How about Lotts, did he scream at anyone through his megaphone? Any references made to a “cat scan” in the pre ride speech? Were the bumblebees there? Who had the balls to attack on the massive riser? Was Jamie there? Did he win? You know he took over winning after you left is what I’m told.

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