Home Again, Home Again Jiggety-Jig

Busted out the drive today.  Kelly’s brother, Andrew, came along making the journey much more enjoyable.  I was tempted to hang out and leave this evening so I could fit in another race out there, but I wouldn’t have been able to get on the road until like 6, and by my configurations would get home just in time to shower and go to work.  Which would suck.

The last few days were awesome, and I am not super jazzed to be home.  The only redeeming quality to being home alone (not really alone yet as Andrew is here, but you know what I mean) is that I will undoubtedly pedal my bicycle a great deal this week.  Oh yeah, and I’m sure I’ll get some house stuff I’ve been putting off done too. 

Anyway, back to the grind tomorrow a.m.



2 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again Jiggety-Jig

  1. Hi Ryan, glad you had fun at eldo, I was there a few weeks before you and I also had a great time. I go back often, so if you are interested let me know….hope Kelly and mom are ok..see ya.

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