Day One of My False Bachelorhood

After work, I mowed the front lawn as it was an eyesore.  Sandy convinced me not to bother before leaving for CA.  He’s so smart.  I guess that’s why he going to be a doctor.

 The Sleevie came by and we went biking up Hobble Creek Canyon.  It was pretty dope.  I forget how long that canyon is.  Not steep at all, but it goes forever.  I’ll go ahead and embarass Sleevie and mention that he crashed on the way home.  Just slid out trying to turn on some gravel.  Two years off with a knee injury and two crashes in his first month back on the bike.  Maybe he is just getting all the bad luck out before racing again.

Using my turbomatic time travel powers, I located this photo of Sleevie applying for a job as a used car salesman in 2024:

We didn’t get home until like 9 and then I had to drive him home as the crash left him stuck in the 11.  I guess that is a problem for some people.  Then, I had to go to the grocery as we had like no food in the house, and the milk was rancid.  I was going to ride in today, but not getting home until 10 and still needing to eat dinner, I thought the extra hour of sleep would be more beneficial.


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