It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn

I rode in this morning.  It was tough to fight the urge to roll over when the alarm went off, but once I got myself out of bed, it was great.  I do my best thinking on the bike and I definitely have some stuff to think about.  Once I get done working for the man, I will ride home.  I am planning an epic journey, but I’ll wait until I’ve accomplished it to tell the world.  Whether it will be “a journey of self-discovery” or “a ceremony of self-destruction” remains to be seen.


3 thoughts on “It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn

  1. I always find my bike riding to be my best time for “journeys into self discovery.” Some days I make total sense to myself, and other days I come back from the ride a more stressed mess than when I left. Have fun with that one.

    We should go make circles and share some stories. I promise mine are extremely entertaining!

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