Hot and Cold

I don’t think it qualifies as epic as I was still pretty peppy when I got home.  Anyway, after work went over Suncrest, which was hot as balls.  Maybe hotter.  Then, up American Fork Canyon to the top of the Alpine Loop.  First time up there all year, which is sad considering the proximity to my house.  It was cold up there.  So weird.  Saw a rabid deer.  It probably wasn’t really rabid, but it’s a pretty boring post otherwise.  Back down Provo Canyon and it was still hot in the valley.  Went a little over 6 hours for the day.  I don’t usually post training stuff unless something funny happens.  Nothing did.  If I start posting power data or pictures of my food, please shoot me.


3 thoughts on “Hot and Cold

  1. Are you riding with a power meter now? While that would be seriously pro, it just doesn’t seem to fit how you roll. It would be funny if you started dropping fictional power data into your posts just to play with your competitors’ minds.

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