Or at least a long day.

On my bike at 5:45, figuring two hours to get to the start of the hillclimb would give me plenty of time for an 8:30 start.  My calculations were off and I got there with about 15 minutes to spare and more than a little tired already.  I was hurting in the parking lot, and blown by storm mountain.  Got caught by a group that I could sit on pretty comfortably and did so until they started attacking near the top, and once again I said “au revoir”.  I don’t know where I finished, but I do know that Cameron won, which surprised me.  I pretty much turned around as soon as I got the top as I was once again late.  Made it home by 12:30 for about 6.5 hours of ride time and left straight away to go kayaking on the Provo river with Kelly’s brother, Andrew.  It was pretty relaxed, which was just what the doctor ordered.  And speaking of doctors, as soon as we got back from kayaking, Sandy and his lady friend Melissa, as well as Kelly’s other brother Matt and his wife Carrie came over for dinner.  So we had burgers and chips, and ice cream and that was good.  Then, we watched “Talladega Nights”.  All in all a pretty nice, though not terribly productive day.

Today I am fasting for the first time ever.  So far, so good.  I was planning to do another big ride, but I don’t think that would be real smart as I don’t want to start hallucinating out in the middle of nowhere or something.


3 thoughts on “It-Was-An-Epic

  1. Turbo, you don’t need to fast. You already disappear from sight when you turn sideways. Tell ya what: Pay me to do your fasting for you, cuz let’s face it, it would do me some good.

    Think of it as the theological equivalent of buying carbon credits.

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