Capital Reefer Madness

So, the Capital Reef SR this weekend:

 4 hour drive from anywhere

starts early on a Friday, and ends on a Saturday

Has zero prize money

Almost forgot the $100 entry fee!

I am doing my best to keep to my “no slagging promoters” rule, but this is borderline ridiculous.  No, I don’t plan on sending my kids to college based on my amateur biking career, but I thought there was a rule that UCA races had to have “some” prize money for the P/1/2 category?

Again, I am glad that they have decided to put on a race, and I wish them the best in that endeavor.  However, I fear that the turn out will be not be awesome.


9 thoughts on “Capital Reefer Madness

  1. Can’t find a single thing to disagree with.

    I think a race such as this has a chance to survive, but only if it’s not competing with another UCA race, does not require two days away from work, offers some cash, and maybe switches the day with two stages to Saturday. Let people drive on Friday and do the circuit race in the P.M., then TT Sat. morning and the RR in the afternoon.

    Do something like this in the Heber Valley, or Utah County or even Sanpete and participation would be huge.

    The Friday-Saturday setup is not bad — when done only once or twice a year — and would help a lot of the stereotypical Utah cyclists complete an entire stage race when they might otherwise avoid it. But it just needs to be closer to the population base on on a holiday weekend where people have more travel flexibility

    Not posting the race bible/stage profiles until a couple of days before the race won’t help them, either.

  2. Welcome to my world. Nearly every race I do is inconveniently located at an inconvenient time, and the race organizers rarely (Sundance is the first I’ve ever seen offer it) give prize money to my category.

    I’m still going to Capital Reef because I race for the sheer enjoyment of racing.

  3. Me too, rio.

    I never think about winning prizes because it’s not likely to happen. I’d probably go to do the CRC if not for other conflicts.

    Have fun down there and kick some butt.

  4. Good for you! Have fun and good luck.

    I race solely because it is convenient and all the big money I make!! J/K

  5. You won’t be able to do the Capitol Reef SR because you’ll be racing under the lights in Boise right? Come on man, don’t tell me you are passing on Twilight again? That race is super sweet and pays out big $.

  6. Yeah, here’s my dilemma…The wife and kids just got home and I want to spend time with them. Yes, we can all drive up to Boise, but I am not sure a Twilight Crit would be that fun to drag the kids around at. Plus, the following weekend we are definitely hitting the road for the AB Crit and there is some stuff that needs to get done around the homestead. We’ll see.

  7. I am debating whether to drive up Saturday morning and spectate. It’s crazy to think of taking my kids to a race I used to take a date to when I was in high school. I must be getting old… Pretty cool that the race is still around after all those years.

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