Ricco Not So Suave

Out of the tour with ya.  And please don’t come back.



10 thoughts on “Ricco Not So Suave

  1. I can’t watch the video for some reason on my work computer, but I like the name- roughly “I love you, Epo”.
    Ricco is eye-talian though.

  2. So what you’re saying is the whole team is involved? Pulling the entire team (as opposed to Barloworld, and Leaky-Gas) certainly points in that direction.

  3. Saunier-Duval wasn’t kicked out of the race–the DS voluntarily withdrew the team when Ricco’s positive was announced. You’ll have to read the Boulder Report for more details, but Joe Lindsey seems to think the team’s reaction indicates that doping isn’t team policy. I doubt Ricco was the only doped SD rider, though.

  4. Exactly- the DS voluntarily withdrew the team after finding out they had a test for the “new Epo”…
    I won’t read the “Boulder Report”, whatever the hell that is, as I avoid anything to do with Boulder. Anyway, really I doubt if it’s like an old school “whole team” type deal like everyone was doing 5 years ago, but I doubt that he is the only one too.
    I also thought it was interesting that the Dr. for CSC said that if the testing was effective 30% of the race would be positive.

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