What’s Left

Inspired by my whiny post below and that of my homeslice AH, I gave some thought to what’s left for the year.  Here’s my best guess:

7/19- Sundance HellClimb

7/26- AB Memorial Crit

8/2- Tour duh Park City.  I may boycott as this event violates my policy against using the French “de” in place of the Amuricun “of”; also it’s 170 miles.  I am no math major, but that sounds like 50 miles past stoopid to me.  On the plus side, it’s a grand to win and I like money.  Oh yeah, one more negative, this would be the perfect day to celebrate the girls birthdays… Yeah, it’s not looking good.

8/13-17- Tour OF Utah.  Good job using “Of” guys… no need for a boycott here.

8/23- San Pete RR. 

9/20- Harvest Moonies Criterium

9/25- USA CRITS Finals, formerly the World Parking Lot Crit Championships of the World

I also like the idea of the new San Francisco Twilight Crit on 9/13… mostly because I have a load of good memories of racing in SF.  I’d pretty much say it ain’t likely to happen though.

The idea of doing elite como street nationals in orange county the weekend before tofu sounds good too, mostly because it’s at como street, but I don’t think I can afford another trip to the OC so soon.

If anyone has any sweet ideas for other stuff I should consider, lemme know.


8 thoughts on “What’s Left

  1. And, if you’re after more fun the day after the AB Crit, there’s yet another hillclimb for you to enjoy just over the hill in Jackson.

    There may also be another of your favorites on August 30 on Antelope Island. Bountiful Mazda is the alleged sponsor of a TT race out there. But it’s not on the UCA calendar, so maybe it’s a no go.

  2. Hahaha. I was talking about bike races.

    Also not a race, but a worthy cause August 30- Summit Challenge to Benefit NAC.

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