Morning Reign

I rode into work this morning and there was some strange liquid pouring forth from the heavens.  It really never rained hard and as dry as this summer has been, it felt quite good.  Took a long time to get light out though. 

I wonder if the air will clear out?

A black cat crossed my path, but as it was only a couple feet ahead of me coming out of blind corner, I figured not hitting it was good luck.  Good thing I’m not superstitious

Party on Wayne.


5 thoughts on “Morning Reign

  1. What does it mean when a racoon gets tagged by the lead race vehicle, slowly rolls over onto its side, and then looks you DEAD IN THE EYE just as it expires?

    Is that a good or bad omen?

  2. (off topic)…. thanks for the wheel love. i know you’re the reynolds guy. i raced them all last year on the seven and never took them off for training rides because i loved them so much. i get a little weird about how perfect a wheel they are. i think i’ve put a half dozen guys on them….

    i thought i saw you out here in la a few weeks ago… but i didn’t get to say hi..

    anyway.. luck,


  3. Yeah, we had a family visit and MBGP trip. I remember speaking with you last year.
    Glad you like the wheels.

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