Super Commuter

I was up and pedalling away before the sun once again.  Left about five minutes earlier than normal, but somehow found myself way ahead of schedule allowing me to detour up to Hairy-Man adding a few miles and a few less lights on my way in to work.  I will just assume this means that the form is coming and I am going to win Tour of Utah.  40 miles before 7:30.  Have I mentioned I love summer?  9 hour work day with 75 miles on the bike, plus lawn mowing and plenty of daylight to spare.  Yeah!!

Speaking of TofU, I picked up the TOFU bike.  Clearly one upping the Calfee bamboo bike.  Who knew they could make bikes out of tofu?


You’ll have to use your imagnification skills to picture it with real wheels as I just stole the stock pic:


I fought the urge to mount the new steed for the commute.  I will get through the AB Crit this weekend and hopefully then find some time to get it set up to my turbifications.

Anyway, back to work.

EDIT: Ok, I know I have said that everyone I know has a blog, but apparently I missed someone as my brother-in-law and his wife have since started one.  Why does everyone use blogger?  WordPress is where it’s at.


4 thoughts on “Super Commuter

  1. The J_E- Yeah, it’s not a Seven… very astute observerating. The Composite Team (Canyon/Blackbottoms/Utah All-Stars) is riding Cervelo bikes… and Reynolds wheels.

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