My out-of-state readership may not know this, but July 24 is a holiday in Utah, known as “Pioneer Day”.  Unfortunately, it is not a holiday for me.  Coupled with this factoid is that half our staff is at the tour (of france!), and I am left to pick up the slack.  In about half an hour the phone will start ringing and will not stop until I leave for the day.  I took a lunch yesterday (first time this week) and came back to a dozen messages… 

Anyway, enough BLW for now.


7 thoughts on “Suck

  1. I feel your pain.

    I had to work the marathon this morning. then write it.

    Now I’m packing for a quick overnight camping trip with the midgets.

    then I get to go to a hotel to cover a meeting with football coaches, players and administrators. then write about it.

    THEN I get to go camping. Which will undoubtedly be more work than rest, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless because it’s away from the phone, the desk and my neighbors

  2. What do Utards do on Pioneer day — blow things up, have parades, open gifts, throw custard pies? C’mon, inquiring (out of state) minds want to know.

    There’s a Tour of France going on? Wow, that must make the guys at the Tour DAY France rather jealous.

  3. Oddly, after three days of repeatedly getting kicked in the balls, today is not so bad thus far. I have about four people waiting for a call back on questions I can’t find an answer to, but otherwise things are tranquilo.
    Anyway, the Utahpian celebration of Pioneer Day is like July 4th part 2. Parades, fireworks, flags, etc.
    Yeah, Astana and the UCI got together and started a Tour of France just to get back at those crazy Frenchies for not letting them in.

  4. BLW allowed considering you’re flying the flag for a whole bunch of folks on vacation. In reality they’re just lazy, like me. I’m on vacation enjoying the laziness.

  5. Yeah, and as punishment the one guy that was with me in sales has now left and I am keeping the ship afloat all by my lonesome the next two days. Waaaahhh!!

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