First Ride on the TOFU Bike and Cassidy takes a turn for the worse

Rode the TOFU SPECIAL for the first time this morning.  In typical me fashion, the first day on this bike will be a five hour day.  Remember coachees- Do as I say, not as I do.  Anyway, two hours commuting for breakfast, a delicious motorpace session for lunch, and a sensible dinner commute.  With two hours down, I can say it is a sweet machine.  The Sev definitely has a way longer top tube, so I feel like a bit of a tourist, especially on the tops, but once I get into my patented 180 degree elbow bend position, it is all to the good.  If you are thinking I should just ride a longer stem, they don’t make them and if they do, it’s gonna negatively affect handling.  Besides which, it’s just one of those things that I’m sure I’ll be used to in another day or two and then the Sev will feel like I am Stretch Armstrong.  No relation to Lance.  Or Neil.  The bike is stiff.  And you know there is nothing I like more than stiffness.  It really accelerates well.  Thanks to Canyon Draper for hooking this dealio up. 

No, I don’t get to keep it!

When I got in, I had like 5 missed calls from Kelly.  As a parent, this was more than a little disconcerting.  I am somewhat embarassed to say that I was relieved to hear it was about Cassidy.  I love my dog.  I really do, but I am not one of those people whose dog is their child.  Not even the same stratosphere.  In any case, as the astute reader will remember she is 14 years old and the estimated life span for her breed is 12, so being alive is a good thing.  And she is still alive.  However, her leg was swollen the last couple days, and apparently it “exploded” (that is a straight quote from Kelly) all over the place with blood, etc.  Pretty nasty.  She is at the vet now, so we’ll see what the story is shortly.  I am pulling for her, but I gotta say she has declined pretty dramatically in terms of mobility, hearing, etc this year.  Think good doggy thoughts…


3 thoughts on “First Ride on the TOFU Bike and Cassidy takes a turn for the worse

  1. Your famous 180 degree elbow bend is quite intimidating during a race I have heard
    I bet that’s why you do it, not because you’re too tall!

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