Night of the Living Fred and some reader mail

(stolen from whatever popped up when I googled “zombie bike pic”)

Yeah, I was a bit of a zombie on the ride in this morning.  I don’t know at what point more sleep would be more beneficial than more riding, but I don’t think I’m there just yet.  In fairness, Etta (the new puppy– try to keep up) has been sleeping like a champ.

Anyway, on to some reader mail:

Dear American Beef,

Don’t you think that American Beef (not you, but the meatpacking co. now sponsoring the former Saunier Duval team)  is probably putting less money into the team than Saunier Duval and that the value of the team has dropped.  Is it really appropriate to be making jokes during such a time?  These are real people whose jobs are at stake.

Faithfully yours,

Gene Italia

Dear Gene,

Yes, it is completely appropriate to “be making jokes”.

Dear American  Beef,

Could you please let your readership know your plans for 2009?  The suspense is killing us.  We have narrowed it down to Rock Racing, American RADDDDDD, American Idol, American Beef, Chihuahua Beef, or retirement in the south Pacific.


Sleepless in San Quentin

Gentle Reader, none of your guesses are correct.  I could tell you, and I wouldn’t even have to kill you.  But I won’t.  At least until later.  If I have time.


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