A Weekend with no bike racing!

It was a pretty sweet weekend.  Saturday morning I rode with the Sleevie up the Sundance side of the Alpine Loop, down to Cascade Springs, back out, and up and down South Fork before heading home.  ONLY 4 hours (right, Beth?), but around 7000′ of climbing, so good stuff.  Plus, we ran into big Nate Thomas on our way back up Cascade Springs.  Sleevie is seems to be rolling pretty good knee wise, and I figure if he can do that much climbing, he should be pretty close to race ready.  He let me know that he managed to ride Alpine Loop twice the other day.  Yeah, the entire loop X 2… I can say I have never done that.

Got home and Kelly was going nuts trying to get ready for the girls’ birthday party.  I took them out to lunch and some errands, mostly so Kelly could get stuff done, and then it was party time.  We (and by that I mean Kelly) had the backyard set up with all kinds of pools and sprinklers and what-not.  The other half of the theme, I guess, was My Little Pony, as there seemed to be ponies and the color pink all over everything that was not a pool.  As far as I can tell, it went well and after cake and ice cream it was over.  I’m sure Kelly will rock my blogging world with pics from the raging party.

The Perry’s and Kelly’s brother Matt, stayed for dinner.  

Sunday was fairly routine with a morning trailer pull bike ride, church in the afternoon, and dinner at our neighbors house.  We ran into Sleevie on the ride.  He was, not surprisingly, headed in the direction of the Alpine Loop.

The other big thing going on is the puppy.  It turns out they don’t train themselves.  I am so impressed with Kelly.  She is really willing to put in the time to get this dog’s behavior on the up and up. 

If anyone knows who won the Tour duh Park City the Uintas, let it be known in the comments section, as I have found nothing but tales of woe and stories of rest stops* without food or water available.

*Known in some circles as feed zones.


5 thoughts on “A Weekend with no bike racing!

  1. Jeremy Smith was the big winner, Mark Schaefer got out of the Masters 45 group to chase some bigger money and took second. Spence deBry rounded out the podium in third.

    I finished three hours later.

    And yes, the feedzones were chaos and nearly dry for a lot of people. I had problems only at Evanston but water arrived a minute after I did and I was able to top off the bottles and hit the road for my blazing fast ascent of 7 mph for 40 miles — that’s not a good way to win anything.

    But I finished. And for a sissy climber like me who has a pain cave that’s only two feet deep, I’m happy to have cross the line in Park City before they tore it down.

  2. check out http://milliseconds.com for all the results.

    Ski Utah used good team tactics. One guy was solo early (?), who it was i don’t know. After Evanston Jeremy Smith and Billy Allen went up the road into a huge crosswind….Mark Shaefer went with them after about 30 seconds. Billy and Mark pulled while Jeremy sat on since he had a teammate up the road. Billy Allen blew up. I don’t know what happened from there but Jeremy Smith won. He peed about 8 times in the first 50 miles….he was topped off which i wasn’t. I guess that would have helped>??

  3. Jan was the solo flier.

    And I don’t trust milliseconds this time. They have my time wrong for sure and have my name completely wrong, too. they are also missing several people I know crossed the finish line. Maybe a lot of those people were ‘tour’ riders instead of racers, but I know they started with my pack and finished either ahead of me or behind me.

    I wouldn’t have found my result if I hadn’t searched by my bib number. My last name is not even close.

  4. I’m trying to think if there was actually a ‘fun’ part. Maybe the descent down Brown’s Canyon as fun. But that was only 10 miles into the race.

    after that, it was all work. and even the drop down to kamas wasn’t ‘fun’ because of all the suffering to get there. It was a relief, but not fun. 😉

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