This will be brief…

Yeah, so the chills I had when last we left off got worse, then the nausea kicked in.  I left work early and went home and slept.  I didn’t go to work today, so you know it’s bad.  I am not the type to miss work for a case of the sniffles.  I think the fever is gone, but if I sit or stand up for any time, I get all woozy and start getting the rumblies in the gut again.  The bad part is that having slept for over 12 hours, I pretty much feel fine laying down and I start getting bored.  Then, I stand up and am reminded of why I’ve been laying around for 13 hours straight.  It feel really weird to be home in the day.  It feels weirder to be home and not be able to play with the kids.


7 thoughts on “This will be brief…

  1. Sounds like what I had last week. I was off the bike M-W, did 1 hour Thursday, 2 hours Friday, 3 hours Saturday and felt really good at the mtb race last night.

    Think of it as an opportunity to lose a few pounds to get you to your ideal climbing weight before ToU next week!

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty much at the point where if I get any lighter, I lose power, still “it’s a great way to lose pounds before a show”.

  3. Hey Ry,
    Hope you feel better. Please do not lose any weight, as I have tickets to the gun show later this week. Either that, or I’ll be at the gym, if you need me.

  4. This may be why coachees need to do as the coach says not as he does. Seriously though, I hope the rest does you good so you can own stage 4. OK, now seriously seriously, get well.

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