This will be briefer still…

(or more brief depending on your grasp of the king’s english).  Brief, as I am absolutely slammed after missing yesterday.  Anyway, Kelly called a bit ago and “reminded” me that it’s our anniversary.  For anyone who knows our track record for remembering such things, this should be good for a laugh.

Anyway, happy 9th Kelly!!


American Beef


4 thoughts on “This will be briefer still…

  1. Congrats you two!
    Or four. Or Six. whatever.

    On our third my wife sent me flowers and a card that read “Now we’re three”.

    Only due to florist error they arrived slightly off in timing. And during a particularly distracting moment at work.

    The card passed through about sixteen people before it got to me and pretty much everyone drew the same (incorrect) conclusion that I did. When the card finally got to me I can only imagine the shade of pale I turned.
    I say “I can only imagine” because by that time I was already unconscious.

    Best anniversary ever!

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