New Team

So I am starting a new Utah based development team.  The focus will be Under 25, but I don’t want to put that restriction on it because if a guy gets into it late, but has talent and dedication, why should he get shafted?  Anyway, I have no sponsors and no riders at this point, but why should that stop me from posting it all over the world wide interwebs?

 I think I am pretty close on both points.  I’ll do a fancy nancy press release shortly when I have a couple more ducks in line, but wanted to give blog readers the inside scoop first.  First if you don’t count the 50 or so people I’ve told already.

If you are a young Cat 1-2, and want to holler at me about your awesomeness or if you are already ready already to support program and don’t even need to wait to read the incredibly awesome press release/press packet, feel free to holler at me at turbo _ ryan at hotmail dot com.


9 thoughts on “New Team

  1. ooh ooh…I know…The Ryan Barrett School for Kids Who Don’t Bike Race Good and Who Want to Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too…or something like that. Presented by Huffy.

  2. No, that’s not really the purpose of this team. Jr’s who are 1-2’s would be considered. None of this is set in concrete just yet, and most likely there will be a club that anyone can join.

  3. okay cool.
    so what if I upgrade early-ish next season?
    can I still be a part of the 1-2 developmental team after the upgrade?

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