Pretty much just me babbling.

Just checked the results from “elite” nationals.  James Matthis and Andy J.M. go 1-2 and that’s cool, but we all know they are pretty much good.  Another guy that is good was 3rd.  He was also 6th in the Olympics… in 1984.  Yet another reason master’s racing for people under 40 is ridiculous.  Now that I think of it all of these guys are “masters”.

Anyway, the weekend was pretty much alright.  Kelly got the mystery stomach bug on Saturday, so she was pretty much laid up.  Isn’t it odd how once you have kids two days of being sick turns into a week as everyone in the family gets it?  Oddly, her stomach wasn’t as much the problem.  Anyway, it was kind of a tough day as I entertained the girls all day by myself.  Yeah, that is pretty much Kelly’s job every day, so probably some good perspective for me. 

Sunday was mo’ bettah.  Still pretty chill as everyone recouped.

Not the tofu lead up I was aiming for, but you know, whatever.  If the form is there, it’s there and if not, it’s not.  I am going to suffer like a beaten dog either way.

Check out, it’s like facebook, but for bikers only.


6 thoughts on “Pretty much just me babbling.

  1. Ok, I guess I fail the hair test. Try this:

    “Here’s the deal- I’m the best there is. Plain and simple. I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence.”

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