Not too much going on…

So I had to find “something else” to do for the weekend.  Luckily, Kelly’s uncle was in town, so there was some action.  Instead of critting on Friday night, we watched “Sideways”. 

Saturday I did make it out to watch the gang ride over Alpine Loop.  It sucked watching, but I deserve nothing less, and in another way it was nice to cheer them on.  Some hurting faces considering they still had two big passes to get over!  Awesome job to everyone who got through Tour of Utah, and especially the Louder for winning by one second!  That is pretty close considering everything they went through.

Anyway, back to me (’cause it’s all about me here).  We went to the UC fair after that.  It was pretty lame.  Seriously, it was tiny and in this baked out fairground in Spanish Fork.  Luckily, I am part carney, so even a lame fair is sweet.  Plus, I’d never actually seen a tractor pull, so strike that off my list of “things to see before I die”.

Sunday Kelly’s uncle shoved off continuing his motorcycle adventure to South Dakota.  I am still skeptical that such a place exists, having never been there.

We went for a ride.  First ride back on the Sev.  Even pulling a trailer, it is the sweetness of sweetness.

Kelly and the girls churched it up and I did some top secret work.

Then, we took the pup to buy a dog house and to run around the park.

In other news, Kelly’s folks and her younger bro will be here on Tuesday.  Baby bro is moving in with us as he starts school at the former Utah Valley State College the next day.  So that should be exciting.

Oh yeah, Bahati won the pro crit titles on Sunday, so that’s one prediction I have predicted with my predicting skills correctly.

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