Cassidy has liver disease.  They can run some tests and then possibly put her on medication to control the pain (ie- no cure).  Or we can put her down.  I am not completely heartless, but it’s pretty expensive just to get the tests done, and then the medications on top of that for a dog that is two years past the lifespan of her breed.  I don’t know what to do.


10 thoughts on “Cassidy

  1. That’s not an easy decision. We had to put a family dog down about five years. She was a few years past the expiration date and the health problems kept stacking up. I think the final straw was when her rear legs failed. The vet could have kept her going for a little bit longer with meds or surgery, but by that point she was not a happy dog. It seemed that by prolonging her life, we’d be doing what was best for us, not her.

  2. A lot of times we keep animals alive long past the time when they should have been let go. Ask why you want to keep her alive — for herself or for you guys? It’s a tough question to ask, especially when you love your animal, and especially especially when you have to explain it to your kids…

  3. As a long time dog lover and owner, for me it comes down to what is best for the dog and as faceless says, are they happy?

    As for the kids, can’t help you there, but my parents figured out how to do it, so can you.

  4. Thanks for the comments, all. I hadn’t even considered what to tell the kids, but I suppose that is something we’ll just have to deal with.

  5. Sorry to hear this, Ryan. It must be really hard to watch Cassidy struggling. I have a feeling, however, that Cassidy might enjoy the company of Tigger on that beautiful farm where Dad still visits her on occasion. Boo-Boo is also said to visit the farm periodically, when she’s not trespassing on the neighbor’s land and stealing their cat food.

  6. Hey fella, I’m sorry, cause this sucks. I will say that euthinisation is not necessarilly heartless; sometimes it is the best option. Everyone here has sage advice. I hope all is well otherwise.

  7. Strike that- it is redecided. We went to the vet and it was like a totally different dog. This morning we found her in a pool of her own vomit and unable to walk. I know for most of my readership this sounds like an average Wednesday, but it was pretty scaryfor the ol’ pooch. In any case, she really didn’t move all day, but when we showed up she perked right up, ate, drank, walked around…Something just said, it’s not her time. So, Cassidy is home safe.

  8. Oh yeah, the whole liver disease thing was just a guess. Could have been that she just ate something bad. I really feel like we made a good choice and the vet (without saying so) agreed and didn’t even charge us for checking her out and keeping her there all day.

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