No Gojo Mojo

So I pretty much feel like I did Tour of Utah, even though I didn’t.  I pride myself on pretty much always wanting to ride, but this week the idea of doing the same lunchtime loops is not doing it for me.  I’ve gotten out a couple times, but the motivation just ain’t happening.  We’ll see how San Pete goes. 

The idea of hopping on the dirt canal trails is tempting, but as I am test driving tubies for the moment and I really don’t want to flat a tubie, maybe I’ll wait ’til I change wheels or get the cross bike going.

Outside of Cassidy’s miraculous recovery, Kelly’s folks and her brother arrived Tuesday night.  It’s weird to think he’ll be living with us, but I am excited about it.  

Kelly just rang- she got a ticket.  Total speed trap right on the line for a school zone.  31 in a 25, but ’cause she passed the school zone, it was a 20.  They cut her no slack, so there goes $200.  I told her she should have cried or shown some skin.  Anyway, first ticket ever, not such a bad record.  I’m sure she’ll have better details.  Oh yeah, lest someone give me a hard time… Yes, it is a law and no, we probably shouldn’t expect “slack” esp. in a school zone.

Alright, lots to do…


2 thoughts on “No Gojo Mojo

  1. I had a feeling that might get a response out of you… We’ll see how much I am up for this year. I am pretty sure the answer is “not as much as you”.

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