A Little Bit of Redemption…

Yeah, it is definitely easier when you take a hundred full-time bikers out of the mix, but I am still pumped to have won the San Pete Road Race.  And not to make too big a fuss over my amateur biking “career” (this is what I say right before I do just that), it strikes me as a metaphor for life in general.  Last week sucked.  And not just that I basically quit Tour of Utah 5 miles into the 2nd stage, or the dog almost being put down for what amounted to a 24 hour bug, but lots of other crap happened too.  Then, yesterday I just felt like a weight lifted off my back and I was back to my normal sunny self.

Anyway, 98 mile road race, deceptively hard.  Sleevie and Ira who have both been out all year with knee injuries were my only teammies.  A break went and Sleevie went across just like old times.  He was out there for maybe 35 miles, but then his knee started to take a left, so he bailed.  Good call, by the way.  A couple miles later, I saw a chance and jumped across to Billy Demong (American RADDDDDnesssses).  Google that guy if you don’t know what an incredibly awesome athlete he is, and he doesn’t suck at racing bikes either!  We caught the chase group, which was completely incohesive.  Flash forward a bunch of details and onto the final climb, Billy dropped everyone else and came pretty damn close to dumping me as well.  Then, he realized that his teammate Luis was in the break now only 300 meters up on us.  He immediately stopped working.  I pulled the remainder and managed to catch the break inside the last K.  Had time for 3 deep breaths and Tony from FFKR hit out with maybe 350 meters to go.  I got on his wheel, and was struggling to get around.  With maybe 100 meters to go, I managed to pull one last bit o juice out and got the big V.

So yeah, good day.


7 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Redemption…

  1. Very excited to hear about the V. Tell sleevie good job also (wise move on his behalf). Sorry I couldn’t be there to both witness the win and play teammate myself. Once again, it is unclear just what it is that I have gotten myself into…bike racing sounds like loads of fun over this.

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