Nice Julie!

I didn’t think they allowed that kind of stuff in Utah.


9 thoughts on “Nice Julie!

  1. I am in that shot twice. Too bad that chick got in the way of that picture of us. How do you still have that link? That was a year ago, you know?

  2. he didnt still have the link…. he just has that much time to go search for it again.

    Does she have underwear on?! Its a damn good thing she has nice legs.. way to Marilyn!

  3. Yes Anna, I was wearing underwear (that day) thank goodness. I had just finished telling Bill Cutting how embarrassing it would be if the wind picked up and blew my dress to my earlobes with all the cameras snapping away a minute before that happened… It’s like someone was just waiting for Louder to hand over his daughter and then said “Cue wind riiiiiight…..NOW!” I have to say, that was one of the funniest moments ever!

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