This Saturday

Just in case my dear readers have forgotten, fun ride for a good cause.


5 thoughts on “This Saturday

  1. Wow, awesome…
    As opposed to pretty much any other ride you can do, no one is profiting off this deal. All the money goes to the National Ability Center.
    Maybe you should fill the pockets of the promoter of bLotoja instead. At $150 a head, I might add.

  2. No LOTOJA for me. Too expensive! 🙂

    You do raise a good point. I didn’t think much of the $36 it costs to race an ICUP event where none (that I’m aware of) of the money goes to a charitable cause. Maybe $50 really isn’t so bad given the cause, but $75 still seems a bit steep to me.

    Will you and Kelly be there on Saturday?

  3. I hear ya. I will say that all participants will get a sweet good bag with swag you actually can use. Also, everyone who does the ride is eligible for the non-raffle (non-raffle because raffles are illegal in Utah, as previously discussed) with some great prizes. Notably a set of full carbon Reynolds wheels…And the ride is limited to 200 people, so that’s pretty decent odds!

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